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We are Manchester's highest rated Levantine restaurant ​

What you’re about to experience is one of the oldest and healthiest cuisines in the world. The Levantine cuisine is thousands of years old and originates mainly from the Levant countries Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, with a great influence from the Turkish – Ottoman and Greek Empires.

The Levantine cuisine offers a healthy eating plate filled with a balanced mix of nutritious ingredients recommended for a healthy diet. What makes this cuisine so special is that it includes a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes. These flavorsome dishes use only the finest quality of fresh produce from the region. Only garden-fresh vegetables, grains, pulses, juicy meats, fresh fish and chicken with plenty of olive oil, natural regional spices and herbs are used.


Monday - Friday | 4PM - 9.30PM
Saturday - Sunday | 2PM - 9.30PM

Zena Mixed Platter

Only £30/PERSON


You will be served a selection of starters & grills, including: Hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, vine leaves, falafel, grilled halloumi, spinach & cheese bourak, batata harra, mushroom bil zait, makmour, lamb shawarma, chicken wings, chicken kebab, lamb kofta & lamb chops

All of our mixed platters are served with lebanese mixed salad, rice, chips, warm leb-anese bread & homemade sauces.

The platter is not available for only one person. For more information, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff.

We are Didsbury's Zena Restaurant

We use only the freshest ingredients and have been serving the community for many years. Our restaurant is the perfect spot for leisurely dining with friends, family and special occasions. We offer delivery service straight to your door and you can order online to receive instant discounts and offers. Pop in and see us for a friendly welcome.​

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients And Pure Satisfaction With Every Mouthful.

Hummus Lamb

Hummus dip topped with slices of grilled lamb, sprinkled with nuts and parsley. Served with homemade bread.



Mixture of chopped Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Cucumber, Radish, Herbs, Roasted Bread & Garlic, topped with Fresh Lemon Juice, a touch of Vinegar & Olive Oil.


Sea Bass

Sea Bass steak marinated in herbs and spices, grilled on charcoal. Served with a choice of rice, chips or salad.


Chicken Kebab

Chunks of chicken breast marinated in white sauce, garlic and grilled on charcoal, layered on fresh onions, parsley and herbs. Served with chilli sauce.


Mixed Kebab

Combination of chicken kabab, shish kabab, kafta kabab grilled on charcoal, layered on fresh onions, parsley and herbs. Served with chilli sauce.


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